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What to Expect

How far in advance should I book? 

The earlier the better! Planning ahead to secure a date that works for you is ideal. Keep in mind weekends book up quickly! 


What is included in my session fee? 

The time myself the day of your session, as well as an online gallery for viewing and selecting your favorites. 

Where do we photograph? 

I'm happy to suggest a local park or even travel to your home for your session.  An at home session mostly takes place outside, unless the session is a newborn, and that will take place in your home in rooms that have beautiful natural light. I spend my summers down the shore and am happy to accommodate a session on the beach along the South Jersey shore.  


How long is a session? 

A family session lasts about  30-45 minutes and newborn sessions typically take 2 hours, allowing time for feedings, short breaks or clothing changes. 


How many images will I see?

You  will see the best of the best to choose from. Usually it is in the 20 to 25 range.

Do you retouch the images? 

Of course! Any image that you order will go through careful retouching. My approach to retouching is to make everyone look like they had their best day. I'll smooth skin tones and look for blemishes & stray hairs. Teeth that need a little whitening and little boo-boos that need some love. I'll go over the image with a fine tooth comb and perfect it. 


What time of day do you schedule sessions? 

The light is most beautiful when it’s low, so sunrise and sunset tend to be the golden hours for shooting. I have the ability to photograph at almost anytime of the day,  just need to look for shade when the sun’s high. These are all things we can talk about when we are deciding the best time to book your session. For newborn sessions, weekday mornings work well but I'm happy to accommodate weekend requests.


How old should my baby be for a newborn session?

The best sleepy dreamy baby images are captured when a newborn is between 5 to 12 days old. Babies this age will sleep more soundly, allowing me to pose the baby in ways to create the most beautiful portraits. Older than 2 weeks, babies tend to be more alert and I am more likely to capture lifestyle images. The parents will be included in the lifestyle session more, which I love, so keep that in mind when considering the right direction for your goals.


Uhoh ! I need to reschedule my session! 

As a mom myself, I get it. People get sick , don't risk it - I can't make sick kids happy and the images may reflect their misery. Please just give 24 hours notice, if possible, so I can adjust and open your time up to other clients. I will get you back on the calendar for the next convenient date and time . I want you to love your images so a healthy start is a happy one! If the weather isn't cooperating we can decide close to the time of the session if we can move forward or not. Snow and rain can make for a beautiful session if you are adventurous and the location allows some protection, but these are all things we will work together on to decide.


When is payment due? 

Your session fee is due at the time of booking to reserve your date and time. Payment for digital packages is due when you place your order.

How soon after the session will I see my pictures? 

You will receive a online gallery of your images within 2-3 days of your session, from which you will be able to select your favorites.


How will I receive my digital files? 

Digital files will be available for direct download as soon as retouching is complete, you will receive an email when they are available. 


What should we wear for our session?

I am happy to help you with deciding on the best outfits for you and your family! Depending on the time of year and the goals of your session  I can send over some pinterest style boards with stylish coordinating ideas.  To make sure the photos stay focused on the bond between your family, I will never suggest everyone wear matching outfits. 

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